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Tips to keep your candles beautiful….

* Burn your candle until there’s an even melt pool across the top…….  max 4-6 hrs at a time, and then put it out and burn another candle.  The cooling and rehardening will increase its longevity and prevent tunnelling of the wax   

*  Before you light it, trim your burnt wicks to ½ -1 cm …or pinch off the blobby black part of the top of the wick with a tissue and your fingers, (your fingers will turn black without a tissue)  this will stop soot from entering the candle wax.  You can buy special candle wick trimmers (scissors that are on an angle) that go deep into the candle.  They are around $9-$10.  Dusk sell them (I have a few pairs for sale)

*  Blow out your candle when you are not at home.  Do not leave unattended. 


*  Place a coaster, or the candle lid, under the candle jar when the flame is close to getting to the bottom of the jar.  The container may get hot.  

* Wipe the inside of the glass with a damp paper towel and a little dishwashing liquid, if it gets sooty from the blackened wick.  Trimming the wick will prevent this from happening.

*  Can the glass jars and lids be recycled?  Yes….heat up left over wax in the microwave, wipe it out with a paper towel.  Gently wash in hot soapy water.  Wipe dry with paper towel.   You can reuse for cotton wool balls, bath salts, or return them to me cleaned, and I can recycle for your next purchase (at a reduced price)   


A candle will instantly transform the mood of a room and create a peaceful ambience.  Luxurious yet affordable, our hand poured scented candles are made with a lead free cotton wick, soy wax, specially created candle fragrances and essential oils.  I also make fragrance free suitable for a dinner table while dining.  Enjoy your candle!                           www.kurrajongfarmhouse.com.au