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  • Welcome to Kurrajong Farmhouse - We are an Australian brand and we love designing eye-catching homewares. This lovely wax melter for scented wax or for aromatherapy oils has a strong sturdy frame with matte/satin finish, matte porcelain bowl, and matte tea light holder.
  • Perfect height between the bowl and your tea light candle - so that the bowl doesn't go black underneath from the candle. We note other brands have a small distance between bowl and tea light and their bowls may blacken quickly. Please note we recommend a 4 or 9 hr tea light candle, not the small 2 hr ones that have a tiny wick and take too long to warm the wax.
  • Suits aromatherapy essential oils as well as wax melts - just a few drops in water in the porcelain bowl, will refresh your home instantly, or equally suited to melting fragrant wax tarts or cubes
  • Add ambiance - with the beauty of a melts burner and the convenient portability of being able to move it around the house, as no power needed, diffusing a delicate aroma throughout your home. Suits any home, office, spa, salon, meditation room, or yoga studio. A nice alternative to an electric wax warmer or plugin wax burner
  • Thank you for visiting our store.  If you arent 100% happy, we will make it right....and refund or replace, whatever you prefer
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