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  • Welcome to Kurrajong Farmhouse...making homes beautiful.   We are an Australian company and excited to bring you our latest eco-friendly essential oil diffuser.
  • ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A GREAT GIFT?  This cute wooden tree in wood base is a delightful shelf decor item and can also be used as a mini essential oil diffuser.   It comes with a lovely box and will make a wonderful unique present. It is perfect in any small space... as a bedroom diffuser, bathroom reed diffuser, desktop decor, or cute decor for any small room. Gradually the stick and leaves soak up the essential oil. Diffusers for essential oils can help to relieve stress and uplift your spirits
  • THIS ADORABLE DIFFUSER IS 5" HIGH and suits all small rooms. Subtly and gently diffuse your essential oils into the atmosphere by placing your essential oil bottle, without the lid, into the base, and insert the stick into the oil bottle. The stick and leaf will soak up the essential oil over a period of 2-3 months
  • SUITS AROMATHERAPY OILS 5ML, 10ML, AND MOST 15ML BRANDS. The leaves act as a reed diffuser and can also be placed in a car cup holder, closet, or cupboard. Aromatherapy reed diffuser gifts are perfect for those who have everything.
  • WE HOPE YOU ENJOY WATCHING OUR STORE GROW. This cute reed diffuser for home is one of our latest products and a unique alternative to small glass diffuser bottles or a scent flower diffuser.
  • 100% HAPPINESS GUARANTEE, so if you are not pleased with your little diffuser, or there is a breakage, we will refund or replace it straight away.
  • THE STICK AND LEAVES WILL ACT LIKE A REED DIFFUSER AND ABSORB YOUR ESSENTIAL OIL over the first 2-3 months and the fragrance will stay in the leaves for several months after that. The unique leaf shape acts as a bamboo reed diffuser. It is a very cute diffuser and adds a lovely touch to your home decor.
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